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Epson TMT88V (+USB)

The Epson TMT88V (+USB) is a fast, reliable thermal printer designed to print high-quality receipts for businesses. Compatible with Odoo, it prints receipts and invoices from the point-of-sale system. It features a paper reduction function, 300mm/seg print speed and greyscale printing options for images. Its easy integration into different networks is facilitated by its integrated USB ports, offering simple migration to USB via an infrared port.

  • connectivity
  • connectivity
  • Compatibility
  • Compatibility
  • Compatibility
  • Printer type
  • Printing speed
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  • Common use
  • Common use

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connectivity USB, RJ45
Compatibility Windows, Android, iOS
Printer type Thermal receipt printer
Printing speed Up to 300mm/s
Print resolution 180 dpi
Printing width 80 mm
Common use Point of sale, Retail