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Unitech MS339 2D

The Unitech MS339 2D scanner, used with Odoo, simplifies data collection by scanning 1D and 2D barcodes for stock and delivery management. Portable with a USB connection, it ensures accurate reading, offering ergonomics and comfort for prolonged use. Suitable for inventory, logistics and retail, this versatile scanner meets a wide range of business needs.

  • connectivity
  • Type
  • Reading speed
  • Resolution
  • Reading distance
  • Battery autonomy
  • Charging time
  • weight
  • Color
  • Indicator
  • Indicator
  • Supported barcode types
  • Dimensions

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connectivity USB
Type Portable 2D barcode scanner
Reading speed 60 readings per second
Resolution 4 mil (0,1 mm)
Reading distance Up to 25 cm for 1D barcodes, up to 15 cm for 2D barcodes
Battery autonomy Up to 10 hours continuous
Charging time 4 hours
weight 170g
Color Black
Indicator Led indicator, Audible signal
Supported barcode types 1D and 2D
Dimensions 152 x 76 x 102 mm