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  • Accessoires
Protective Rubber boot for RS35
The Protective Rubber boot for RS35 is a protective rubber boot designed specifically for the RS35. It is designed to protect the RS35 from impact, scratches and damage from the outdoor environment when used outdoors or in harsh conditions. The boot is made of durable rubber and is designed to fit the RS35 snugly, providing extra protection while maintaining access to all of the unit's functions and controls.
Charging Cradle for RS35
The RS35 charging cradle is a desktop charger designed to charge the RS35. It comes with a 5V/2A EU adapter for fast and efficient charging. The charging cradle also features a stand function to keep the RS35 upright during charging, allowing for convenient and ergonomic use of the device.
Detachable Pistol Grip for RS35
The detachable pistol grip for the RS35 series is an accessory designed to be attached to shooting equipment, providing a comfortable grip for precise and stable control. It can be detached for use in run-and-gun mode or attached to equipment for added stability when shooting. The product is compatible with the RS35 series and is made from quality materials to ensure optimum durability.

Technical specifications:
Product type: Detachable handle for RS35 handheld terminal
Material: Durable ABS plastic
Colour: Black
Recommended use: Ideal for use in retail, logistics and manufacturing environments where prolonged handheld use is required.
RS35 [Only wifi]
The RS35, when used with Odoo, automates data collection and processing for optimum stock management. This rugged handheld smartphone from CipherLab incorporates professional functionality with integrated scanning, powerful data processing and robust connectivity. Its powerful Wi-Fi and accurate GPS enhance in-store communications and navigation, providing an optimal customer experience in a user-centric design.
RS35 [4G & GPS]
The Odoo-compatible RS35 automates data collection for optimum stock management. This robust smartphone packs business functionality into a compact package, with integrated scanning, powerful data processing and reliable connectivity. Its robust 4G enhances in-store communications, while its fast roaming and accurate GPS optimise navigation, delivering a superior customer experience in a user-centric design. ,
Screen glass protector for RS35 [5pcs bags]
The RS35 Glass Screen Protector is a five-piece set of tempered glass screen protectors designed to protect the RS35 screen from scratches, bumps and damage. Each screen protector is clear and provides maximum clarity and visibility, while being easy to install and remove.
PM9600-SR [USB kit with cradle]
The Odoo-compatible PM9600-SR simplifies stock management by scanning barcodes quickly. This wireless scanner from Datalogic's PowerScan range, included in a complete USB kit, ensures accurate reading of 1D and 2D codes. Its robustness and wireless connectivity make it an ideal choice for a variety of industrial and commercial environments.
One Slot Cradle for PM67
The One Slot Cradle for PM67 is a charging dock designed for Datalogic's PM67 barcode scanner. It features a connector to quickly and easily charge the scanner, as well as an LED indicator to monitor the charging status. The charging dock is compact and can be used to charge the scanner one unit at a time, saving desktop space. The One Slot Cradle for PM67 is ideal for use in industrial and retail environments where barcode scanners are used frequently and need to be charged regularly for continuous use.
Pistol Grip for PM67
The Pistol Grip for PM67 is a removable pistol grip for the PM67 barcode scanner. The grip provides a comfortable and ergonomic hold for extended scanner use, and can be easily detached for hands-free operation. It is ideal for use in environments such as retail, logistics and manufacturing, where fast and accurate barcode scanning is required.
Battery for PM67/PM66
Technical characteristics:
STD battery
Li-ion Battery
PM67 [4G LTE]
The PM67 handheld computer, compatible with Odoo for stock management, meets the demands of the most rigorous professional environments. Robust with Android 11, full keyboard and integrated into the Android Enterprise Recommended programme, it offers compatibility with PM66 accessories. Robust and reliable, it withstands harsh environments, guaranteeing quality and reliability for maximum operational efficiency and improved productivity.
PM67 [Only wifi]
The PM67, an Odoo-compatible handheld device for inventory management, is a robust device with Android 11 and a full physical keyboard. As part of the Android Enterprise Recommended programme and compatible with PM66 accessories, it is designed for demanding professional environments. In the [Only wifi] version, this rugged, reliable handheld is designed for tough working conditions and efficient stock management.
P8100P - 10'' Display [4G LTE]
The P8100P, 10-inch screen [4G LTE], used with Odoo, offers a complete mobile solution for managing stocks, sales and production. With a large touchscreen, accurate barcode recognition and an octa-core processor, this rugged, connected tablet running Android 10.0/9.0 is ideal for mobile professionals.
PaceBlade LDT-101
The PaceBlade LDT-101 is a robust 10-inch tablet that can withstand tough transport conditions thanks to its rugged design and MIL-STD-810H certifications. With Android 12, a powerful processor and a long-lasting battery, it handles demanding applications like Odoo for extended periods. Offering a range of connectivity including Wi-Fi, 4G LTE and GPS, it integrates easily with other systems and devices, such as GPS tracking solutions, combining robustness, power and connectivity for optimum performance in demanding environments.