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Epson TMT88V (+USB)
First, check out the Epson TMT88V (+USB), a fast and reliable thermal printer designed to meet the needs of businesses that need to print high-quality receipts quickly and efficiently. It can be used with Odoo to print receipts and invoices from the Odoo POS system.

Second, the TM-T88V printer has a paper reduction feature and a built-in USB port, in addition to a print speed of 300 mm/seg. The TM-T88V has a wide gray scale printing option, which allows for better representation of graphic images and logos.

Finally, the printer runs on separate platforms, making it easy to integrate into an existing network. In addition, it includes a built-in USB infrared port for easy migration to USB.
312.00 € 312.0 EUR
Cutter Module for TC200 - Navy
The Cutter Module for TC200 - Navy is an accessory for the TC200 label printer. It is an automatic cutter module that allows you to quickly and accurately cut printed labels. The colour is navy blue. This accessory is ideal for applications that require mass production of labels, such as product labelling, inventory management and logistics.

Technical data :
Type: Automatic cutting module for label printer
Colour: Navy blue
Compatibility: Compatible with TC200 label printer
Cutting method: Automatic cutting
Maximum cutting width: 56 mm
Maximum cutting length: 600 mm
Maximum media thickness: 0.20mm
Lifetime of cutting mechanism: 1 million cuts
148.98 € 148.98 EUR
TC200 - Navy
First, the TC200-Navy printer is used with Odoo to print receipts and labels, providing fast and reliable printing in harsh environments.

Second, the TC200-Navy is a desktop label printer. It can print labels in color or black and white with high print quality and accuracy. The color is navy blue.

In conclusion, this printer is ideal for professional use in product labeling, inventory management, logistics, etc. It is easy to use and offers a wide variety of connectivity options including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB.

Technical specifications :
Type: Desktop label printer
Colour: Navy blue
Maximum print resolution: 300 dpi
Maximum print speed: 101.6 mm/s
Maximum print width: 56 mm
Maximum print length: 1,219mm
Connectivity: USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Print languages: EPL, ZPL, CPCL
Media type: Labels, receipts, direct thermal or thermal transfer labels
Media width: 25.4mm to 58.4mm
Maximum roll outside diameter: 127mm
Memory: 128 MB SDRAM, 256 MB flash memory
Operating systems supported: Windows, Mac OS, Linux
375.83 € 375.83 EUR
Direct Thermal labels 57x32mm / 2100 / D127mm (Box of 12)
Direct Thermal Labels 57x32mm / 2100 / D127mm (Box of 12) are high quality self-adhesive labels for printing barcodes and text using direct thermal label printers. They measure 57mm wide by 32mm high and have a 127mm diameter core for easy use with most label printers. Each box contains 12 rolls of labels, for a total of 2100 labels per box. These labels are ideal for applications such as product labelling, inventory, logistics, retail, etc.

Technical specifications:
Dimensions: 57mm x 32mm
Type of printing: Direct Thermal
Quantity per box: 2100 labels (12 rolls of 175 labels each)
Core diameter: 127mm
Material: High quality thermal paper
Adhesive: Permanent
Heat Resistance: Suitable for applications requiring heat resistance up to 50°C
Suitable for use with most Direct Thermal label printers on the market.
179.40 € 179.4 EUR
Paper labels 32x25mm / 2580 / D127mm (Box of 12)
Paper labels 32x25mm / 2580 / D127mm are adhesive paper labels for printing barcodes, product information and other data. These self-adhesive paper labels are a popular choice for printing barcodes and product information in a variety of industrial applications. With their superior print quality and durability, these labels are a convenient and reliable choice for companies that need a superior labelling solution.

Technical specifications :
Material: High quality adhesive paper
Colour: White
Size: 32mm x 25mm
Quantity: 2580 labels per roll, sold in boxes of 12 rolls
Core diameter: 127mm
Print Type: Direct thermal, no ink or toner required
Adhesive: Permanent
Compatibility: Suitable for a variety of direct thermal printers including Zebra, Datamax, Sato and others
Applications: Suitable for use in a wide variety of industries, such as logistics, retail, healthcare, warehousing and many others.
Print quality: Provides crisp, high quality printing for accurate reading of barcodes and other important information
Durability: Water, scratch and fade resistant for long label life.
90.35 € 90.35000000000001 EUR
Wax ribbon 64mm x 74m for G-series(Box of 12)
The 64mm x 74 metre wax ribbon is designed for use with the G series of thermal printers. Each box contains 12 rolls of tape for a total of 74 metres per roll. This quality wax ribbon provides a crisp and durable print, ideal for inventory labels, barcodes and shipping labels.
26.78 € 26.78 EUR
Bixolon thermal 80mm printer USB/Ethernet
First, the Bixolon 80mm USB/Ethernet thermal printer can be used with Odoo to print receipts, invoices and other important business documents.

Second, the Bixolon 80mm thermal printer is a high-speed printer with USB and Ethernet connectivity. It is designed for business environments and is ideal for printing tickets, receipts and shipping labels.

Finally, it offers a print resolution of 203 dpi and a print speed of up to 250 mm/s. This printer is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.
204.50 € 204.5 EUR
Epson TM-M30II ePOS
First, the EPSON TM-M30II ePOS is used with Odoo to print receipts and invoices from the Odoo POS system. It offers Ethernet connectivity and fast, reliable printing in a compact, stylish design.

Next, the Epson mPOS TM-m30II receipt printer offers ease of use and time savings for workers. It has many connectivity options and comprehensive features to meet the demanding and varied point-of-sale tasks in retail stores, specialty stores and boutiques or in the hospitality industry, small restaurants, bars, cafes, etc.

In conclusion, the EPSON TM-M30II ePOS offers a modern and efficient point-of-sale solution to meet your business needs.
297.00 € 297.0 EUR
Papier thermique imprimante caisse 80x80x12 - 60gr - 50/box
The thermal paper for cash register printers measures 80mm x 80mm x 12mm and weighs 60g. It is sold in boxes of 50 rolls. The paper is designed for use with a thermal printer and is suitable for printing receipts, invoices and similar documents in retail, catering and other commercial environments. It is also commonly used in ATMs and petrol stations.
121.00 € 121.0 EUR
Epson TM-M30III
The Epson printer makes it easy, reliable and cost-effective to print receipts in any environment where space is at a premium. Featuring a USB Type-C PD (power output) connector capable of delivering up to 18 W of power, the TM-m30III (standard model) is also more robust than ever. What's more, an anti-bacterial coating ensures protection against liquids in compliance with IPX2 standards. It also features an end-of-roll detection system ideal for kiosks and self-service checkouts, and its sophisticated paper-straightening mechanism makes it ideal for printing receipts requiring a signature.

With its sleek, ultra-compact design and host of advanced features, Epson's TM-m30III printer is ideal for environments where fast, simple and reliable receipt printing is essential. Offering the perfect combination of mobility, connectivity, reliability and ease of use, this printer is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of growing businesses.

What's more, using the TM-m30III printer with Odoo can be advantageous in a point-of-sale or retail environment.
364.50 € 364.5 EUR